General Questions

Q: I would you to shoot my wedding, how do I start the process? 

A: You can reach us via our contact form with your wedding date, details and venues. We will respond either by email or by phone. Hereafter a wedding quotation will be prepared and sent to you. If the price is within your wedding photography budget, a meeting with the photographer will be held to discuss your wedding photography details and requirements.

Q: How much do I need to deposit? 

A: A minimum deposit fee of 150 EUR is required to officially secure any given date for your wedding.

Q: How far should we book for a wedding? 

A: Preferably 2-4 months before as soon as you have the dates and locations secured.

Q: Do you deliver every image you take at a wedding? 

A: No we do not. Each of our wedding is edited so that we give the best products to clients. Duplicate images, images with bad expressions, test shots, out of focused shots are all eliminated so as not to affect the overall quality of the product delivered. As we shoot mainly documentary style, we often don’t have time to look at every image that we capture. So 2-3 shots are usually taken for a single moment to get the best sharpness, quality and perfect expression.

Q: Will you be shooting my wedding? 

A: Yes. As you are hiring us as your wedding photographer, the main photographer will shoot your whole wedding.

Q: Do you shoot with an assistant? 

A: Most of the time the main photographer shoot all by himself. We do bring an assistant or a second shooter if the client requests us to. Bringing a second shooter frees the photographer up to focus on shooting and looking for special moments and hence ensure that we don’t miss any important moment. The assistant offers a different but complementary perspective and allows us to work efficiently throughout the entire day.

Q: Where are you based?

A: I live in the north of the island (Royal Road Pamplemousses)

Q: Do you shoot Video? 

A: No. For the time being we do wedding photography only.

Q: Who chooses the photographs in the album? 

A: We often let the client choose the pictures that will be in the album. We would like to suggest though it is more efficient and less time-consuming if the wedding photographer chooses the pictures based on experience and in order to prepare the album in such a way that it tells your wedding story.

                                                                            2. Style and Quality 

Q: What is your photography style? 

A: Our wedding photography style is mainly Documentary style but with a mixture of fine art, modern photography and photojournalism. We love to capture beautiful moments between our clients and their loved ones. Also we often try use different perspective, angles, compositions and lighting together with refined post production to tell a wedding story

                                                                         3. Post Production questions 

Q: What you mean by Photo Retouch? 

A: It means that photos undergo simple edits like (Brightness, contrast, color adjustments, white processing, sharpening, clarity and cropping)

Q: Do you retouch all the photos you deliver on the DVD? 

A: Yes we do. Every image that is to be delivered to the client will be retouched to our unique style of post-production as mentioned in above.

Q: What is advanced retouched and do they have additional costs? 

A: Advanced post-production means removal of blemishes, fly away hair, changing background, removal of bags under the eye, removal of an object from a scene, which often requires a lot of time. Advanced post production is charged on the amount of editing a picture need. For more information on retouching kindly visit our Retouching page. Kindly include in our contact form if you need advanced retouching.



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