Planning a wedding can be a wonderful part of your life but it can also be very challenging. It is the most memorable and exciting moment of your life. You have met the man or woman of your dreams and decided to get married. As a meaningful wedding requires planning, it is important to stay organized as often some plans won’t go as you would like them to.

Below are some tips that will help you to better plan your wedding:

1. Set a budget 

First of all you will have to get an idea about how everything cost. You need to identify what you can afford, what you can’t afford. Aim to never exceed the amount specified in as the total budget. Be prepared to be flexible and to prioritize the big spends that really matters. As you make your budget, please avoid any temptations to spend significantly more than you can afford. Starting a married life in debt is not recommended. So important to stick to a budget and be realistic.

2. Set a timeline for your planning 

An ideal timeline for your wedding will be around 10-12 months before your wedding. This will give you enough time to prepare for your wedding. As many couples now are very busy with work, it is important to set a timeline.

3. Decide the size of your wedding 

This must be discussed with parents and your fiance beforehand. You must have an idea about: how many people will be attending your wedding for the purposes of venues, catering and invitations.

4. Consider a bridal consultant or wedding planner

Most people may think that bridal consultants or wedding planners do high-end weddings and their fees are often too high. The truth is that sometimes the use of bridal consultant or wedding planner can save you money in the long run. Wedding Planners and bridal consultants work in collaboration with a wide range of vendors and often they include significant discounts on their services which you might not be eligible for. With the use of their relations, they obtain rate for their clients and hence bring the overall expense of a wedding down.

4. Choose your wedding venue 

The sooner its done the better so that you can have the place you really want to. Often wedding venues are booked 6 months before, hence it becomes difficult to find the venue that suits you. Finalizing a wedding venue in advance will help you to organize everything smoothly with vendors.

5. Set the date 

Some factors that need to be considered before finalizing a date will be availability of the venue, friends and family.

6. Choose your priest 

Often it becomes difficult to find a priest as they are mostly booked in advance.

7. Choosing your wedding theme 

Usually this does not have to be specific. You must choose a theme that will be easy to plan and decorate. Discuss with vendors on how the wedding venue will be decorated and make sure everything is consistent with the theme. The vendor will of course provide you with sample of his previous wedding which will help you better decide about the decorations.

8. Printing and sending out invitation cards 

Choose your invitation card designs and printing must be preferably done around 6 months before the wedding. This will allow you to make any change on the design or date of ever the wedding is postponed. Distribution of wedding cards must be done in the around 3 month before the wedding so that the client has enough time to send invitation to all the guests.

9. Start researching your wedding dress.

Are you having a custom-made or off the rack wedding dress? If you are having a custom wedding dress, you will need several fittings and adjustments to make it perfect. Or you can also buy a dress which you really like and plan to wear again. It is not necessary to stick to traditional wedding dress as most of the times they are expensive and you will most probably never wear them again.

10. Select your wedding rings.

Most of the time couples select their wedding rings at the same place and it is a fun task to do together. Wedding ring selection takes place around 5 months before wedding and collection of rings is usually one month before.

11. Find a Photographer / Videographer 

Since your wedding is once in a lifetime event, it is recommended to choose the service of a professional. You can read a full article on how to choose a wedding photographer and question to ask your wedding photographer in the our blog section.

12. Food and refreshments. 

Decide the type of food or refreshments that you will be serving during the event. Try something that will please your guests and what you can afford. It is recommended to hire a caterer that will provide both preparation and serving of food. Selection of wedding cake is done almost the same time.

It is also recommended to make arrangements for any additional rental equipment that you may need.

13. Music and Dj 

Choosing a wedding Dj is should be done around 6 months before the wedding. You will have to discuss the type of music to be played and give him all the details about the ceremonies.

14. Register with Civil status division

The civil status office is responsible for civil wedding in Mauritius. The documents to be produced by the couple to register to civil wedding are

Birth certificate issued within the last three months

Divorce documents, if applicable

Death/marriage certificate if widow/widower

National identity card

Also a publication of the proposed civil marriage should be done days prior to the civil wedding.


The above mentioned is the current requirements. This may be subject to change. Hence it is important to visit the civil status office to get an accurate information.



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