From our experience, most couples aren’t quite sure what questions to ask photographers.

Finding and questioning a wedding photographer can sometimes be very difficult.

Before meeting a wedding photographer, questioning or booking him, you must firstly ask yourself these questions:

1. Do I feel comfortable and happy when I look at his pictures?

2. Do the photographer know what he is doing?

3. What is the feeling you get when you see the first image. You like the style of his photography?

4. Do you want your wedding image to look like it is presented in the website? This is very important, so that you can connect well with the photographer and get the best of every situation.

Below is a list of questions that will help you better questioning a wedding photographer:

1. For how long they have been in business

Ask them for how long they have been a wedding photographer. Whether they are a full time or part time.

2. I keep hearing about ‘shoot and burn’ photography, what is it?

Shoot and burn is a slang in photography which means shooting the wedding and burning it to a disk without any post production. It is usually cheap as bad lighting is not corrected, there are no color editing (skin tones look strange), photos are not edited.

Often people will hire photographers that will deliver them 800-1200 pictures without any edit. Just ask yourself what you will do with so many pictures which are really bad. There will be no beautiful memories of your wedding.

3. I love the pictures with blurry background. How can I get those?

Blurry background pictures are called bokeh in photography terms. Photographers use professional lenses to get that look

4. Will he be able to make you look beautiful?

Based upon experience the photographer must know in what angles or type of light to take your pictures in order to make you look the most beautiful on that specific day.

5. How will they photograph in a non-ideal situation?

In wedding photography, we as photographers experience difficult situations like small rooms, bad light, weird angles and far shots. With experience we got to know how to tackle those situations.

So do ask the photographer how will tackle these situations. They can’t fix those situations but surely they can tackle them.

6. Will they take detail wedding pictures?

It is very important that your photographer takes details shots of your wedding. Y? Well you have worked so hard to get those venues, decorations and a long planning down the road. You will surely want every picture of the details to be taken.

7. Do they have back up equipment?

Cameras are mechanical devices, just like your cell phone and DVD player. They can fail at any moment and without warning. Though you don’t need to know everything about gears, but it is an essential question to ask. Do they have back up camera, lenses, battery, cards to ensure that your images will be captured even in an emergency.

8. Why your wedding photography is expensive?

For many, wedding photography looks like easy money. Work for 1 day and get good cash, isn’t it? But most full time wedding photographers carry around  8,000 Eur worth of equipment in a wedding which involves risk of breakdown. For most professional photographers, a typical wedding will keep them busy for at least one full week (Culling and editing pictures). For a 1 day wedding, the photographer will have to edit around cull out 300-600 pictures.

Also they have to pay for software, advertising and any repairs, and many wedding photographers end up making less than a minimum wage for the first few years of their career.

9. How long after the event will the DVD, albums etc. be ready

Usually a couple is very eager to see their wedding photos or album. So make sure to ask the photographer give you an exact time frame to deliver the finished product. usually delivers products to clients as below:

a. DVD/ Usb Flash drive – 3-5 days after the event- DVD

b. Photo book – (2-3) weeks after the event ( this is usually due to montage time and printing)

10. If my event last longer, will you stay?

Is there any extra charge?

It is important to clarify the coverage time with your photographer so as to avoid any confusion. You don’t want your wedding photographer to ask you for a few extra bucks or see your photographer just pack their things and leave when their time is up on your wedding day.



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