Your wedding is probably the most important event that you will ever plan. You will want everything to be perfect on that day. Your wedding Photographer will be the only vendor that will be with you from the start of your wedding till the end. So it is very important that you are at ease and have complete confidence that the photographer will be able to capture the mood of the event.

Just because someone has a fancy camera doesn’t mean they can use it to the best of its ability. A professional wedding photographer understands the flow of a wedding and over time he has acquired skills in capturing the best moments between you and your loved ones.

2. Style 

First of all you must decide really what style of photographs you want. From there you can start searching for your wedding photography. Some most common wedding photography styles are:

1. Photojournalism

2. Traditional classic

3. High Fashion

4. Natural Light

5. Illustrative Photography

6. Documentary

Every photographer has his/her unique style of capturing images. The way a photographer sees and captures a wedding, is a unique trait that separates one photographer from the other. This is often considered as the fingerprint of a photographer.

3. Personality 

Looking at the photographer’s personality is very important as he will be with your close ones, family and friends during the whole wedding. It is important to find out how the photographer will mingle with your guests and what will he/her be wearing. A wedding photographer with a personality that matches your own is important to the overall experience of your wedding.

4. Being creative and technical 

A professional wedding photographer will not only have all the required techniques to capture your wedding, but must also be creative. Just having a great camera will allow the photographer to capture images in very low lit images, but will not be able to make creative shots.

As we often say, a technical instrument cannot make a creative decision.

5. Determine your budget 

Wedding photography budget usually must be around 15-20 % of the whole wedding budget. This will help to quickly discard any photographer you cannot afford. Although most of the time the budget plays an important part when hiring a photographer it is not necessary that you must hire the ones that offer the cheapest rates. It is important that you check:

1. What is included in the package?

2. The hours of coverage

3. Type of gear that will be used

4. Experience on wedding photography

5. Quality of the images that will be delivered

Often we come across couples that regret that they have not chosen a good wedding photographer for their wedding. It is to be understood that wedding photography and videography will be the only memories that will ever remain.

6. Experience (full time or part time) 

Once you have looked at the above, the next thing you should be looking for is experience. Is the wedding photographer a professional photographer (Full time wedding photographer) or whether he/she is a weekend gig (Takes wedding at random and has a full time job)

A full time wedding photographer will put all his knowledge, time, experience and passion to give you the best possible shots as he is doing it for a living and will want to maintain a consistency in his work. Also he will deliver you the product more quickly, edit pictures with care and dedication as he has no other job and hence can concentrate on your wedding only.

7. Quality over quantity 

When choosing your wedding photographer it is important to look for quality instead of quantity. It is better to cut down the package. Like prints and albums can be done later, but bad photography and pictures cannot be corrected later on.

8. Level of service 

Some clients want only pictures to be taken during the ceremony only. Other clients may want a pre-wedding session, coverage of the whole wedding, family shot and couple posed pictures.

9. No of images 

Often there are couples that want only around 100 pictures for their whole wedding. For a typical wedding approximate 300-600 pictures are recommended so as to get all the possible shots in an entire wedding and hence capturing the atmosphere of the wedding.



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